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Bathroom Saga conclusion-ish

Ok, so I re-read the last post and it sounds really nasty. I don’t like the tone so I’ll just wrap it this up. The basic gist is that we finally sort-of have a new bathroom. It’s SO much better than it used to be and I no longer fear falling through the floor. (hooray!)

As a side note, that wouldn’t have happened…the floor of the bathroom turned out to be poured concrete- I can’t believe it didn’t fall through just from the weight. Oy!

Here is the (basically) finished product.


need to find a small cabinet or table to put beside it…


just needs a cabinet or wall hanging of some sort

Image Image

They cut the bottoms of the cabinets off to make them “furniture-style” I don’t like the way they did it (they’re crooked), and the contractor has pretty much made it clear he doesn’t care. Every faucet is very splashy which I am not a fan of.. I’m pretty sure I will get over it. I really don’t care for the way the tub works and have gotten into the habit of not taking baths so much… not thinking it matters…. I don’t like the large cabinet in the middle of the vanities. It’s enormous, takes ups ridiculous amount of space and cost way too much. The contractor and I agreed not to get it and discussed a small countertop cabinet for medication and makeup. Somehow he forgot that and convinced my husband I was in love with this other thing… Oh well. This is what we have, and I am grateful, even though it may not always sound like it.

It’s a beautiful bathroom. It is peaceful. It is mostly what we wanted it to be. As we put our stamp on it, it will slowly morph into where it needs to be and then I will love it. I will find a cabinet or small table and redo it, I will find some rugs I love, or towels, or wall hangings, etc. It just needs our “touch”.

What did I learn? Don’t meet with your contractor months before starting a project and trust he remembers what you talked about. Audio or even Video tape the meeting and get a copy to him. May seem silly- I think  it would have saved some headaches. Touch base with him a few weeks before the start date, look at the supplies ordered and go over everything one more time, while there is still time to tweak anything needed and still start on time.

Just my thoughts… Hopefully it’ll help someone. What do you think of the bathroom? Have any ideas for the decor?

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